Jean-Marie Frère

Ordinary Professor,
Research Director FNRS

Phone: +32-2-650 5571
Fax: +32-2-650 5951.
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Director of  Theory  Group,
Service de Physique Théorique, CP 225

Université Libre de Bruxelles
Boulevard du Triomphe  (Campus plaine)
B-1050 Brussels - Belgium


this group coordinates the
Inter University Attraction Pole
"Fundamental Interactions"


Non-Technical articles / Outreach
(mostly in French for now --
contact me if you need an english translation -- and have a look at the pictures!)

Le  Temps Microscopique :

Microscopic Time : a non-mathematical introduction to irreversibility of fundamental interactions

Energy : from children's cubes to Particle Physics

(in french from now, inspired and expanded from Feynman's lectures presentation.
an introduction for a wide public, also part of the "Energie" files available on the ULB site

3 pedagogical presentations:

symétries brisées,   ("broken symmetries" future research in particle physics)
élastique.ppt , (rubber band : a short presentation on the essence of physical laws,
----only figures for the time being   ---
temps.ppt   (matter-antimatter asymmetry in the Universe)

also in PDF format :     

symétries brisées (pdf)

Status of Particle  Physics:

simplified summaries of the Rencontres de Moriond

, 2000 , 2006 , 2007, 2008 (in english),

 Theoretical Physics teaching
 ( master  and advanced level)
mostly in French, but see similar material in
Advanced courses and Summer Schools

Cours Première Licence
(intro théorie quantique relativiste)
Introduction à la violation de CP: (format pdf)
Introduction to CP violation: (pdf file)
Cours à l' "Ecole de Gif", Ecole Polytechnique
Neutrinos (an introduction : can we tell 4(components) from 2 ?) - FermilabNeutrinoSchool? Quy Nhon, 2016 (pdf file)

General Physics and Associated Laboratories
(general physics and labs)
NEW - july 2012

Mechanics at 400 frames/second


This is a quick test of a few mechanics experiments
(conservation of momentum, air friction ...) using a "fast" video on a photographic camera

Cick on the picture to access the page


A simple Spreadsheet
to fit beginner's labs data,

and criticism of
Excel automatic fit,

The same spreadsheet, data modified to exhibit striking
 (how to reverse the sign of gravity !!!)

Light Polarisation;

an easy and cheap experiment

to demonstrate fundamental properties
(and a Quantum Mechanics Analogy)

Click HERE to access a full description,
and typical data

Inverse-Square Law

(or meter calibration)
 Click HERE to access a full description of a very simple measurement with the same meter as above

Suggested Personal work projects
(Bachelor level)
Ici, la lettre A, montrant
 plus de 10 harmoniques

  • Invitation to develop new experiments or demonstrations
(get in touch)

Demonstration experiments realized by students from
"Agrégation Sciences Physiques  ULB"
lorentz force
Lorentz  (by Khalid Benyaich, Juin 2008)

Canon Gaussien (par Didier Vanderveken, Sept 2008)

barre résonante
Barre Résonante (par François Gonze, Juin 2009)

Construction et mesure d'une self
(par Ndamira Nzabanita, sept 2009)

link to web page
Oërsted et Galvanomètre rudimentaire

  (par  Isabelle Jonas, juin 2010)

clidk on link to see expt
Détermination du champ magnétique terrestre (composante horizontale)
(par NassibaTabti , sept 2010)

Corde de Guitare, fréquence, harmoniques et gammes

(par Maud Catalan)

Advanced Courses (SUMMER SCHOOLS)
 in french or english
Vide et Particules (Ecole de Gif, Marseille , sept 2005) talk (pdf) (part1, part2)
Baryo- and Leptogenesis :  talk (pdf) (ppt)
                                                         Proceedings (format pdf)
Course given at the ITEP Winter School 2005
Introduction à la Baryogénèse :  (format pdf)
Cours à l'  "Ecole de Gif ", Strasbourg, sept 2002
An Introduction to CP violation (english version)
Introduction à la violation de CP: (format pdf)
Cours à l' "Ecole de Gif", Ecole Polytechnique

The simplest way to find an (almost complete) list of my research papers:
spires (frere)
 current interests: fundamental interactions, weak interactions, CP violation, beyond the Standard model, extra dimensions, dark matter, IceCube,...
I organize each year the theory part of the RENCONTRES DE MORIOND -- contact me if interested ! (the link also gives access to slides and proceedings)

and a few  pictures
(click on the thumbnails to get the print quality  JPEG version)

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