IAP meeting December 21st, 2017


  from 9h30 ...

ULB, Salle Solvay ,

Building NO , Campus Plaine
How to get there

By public transport

- from Central Station or from Schuman Station: take subway line 5 to station DELTA

- from South Station (Gare du Midi) : take subway line 2 or 6 to Arts/Loi (Kunst/Wet), then subway 5 to DELTA

From DELTA subway station, the path to Salle Solvay is obscured by construction work,
please refer to this map

By Car (best to sent your car registration using the form below)  -- park Accss 2 after getting parking authorization...   driving instructions HERE (use Acess 2)

Robert Brout Prizes

Pictures HERE

A buffet LUNCH will be provided ...
download preliminary pdf here  Registration Form

Therefore, you must register! (deadline : Dec 14th )

IAP (final) meeting Brussels, ULB, Thursday December 21st, 2017


Catherine de Clercq

10:00 10:00 10:10
Thomas Hertog, Fundamental Physics with Gravitational Waves: Prospects
10:10 10:40
Didar Dobur LHC with multi-leptons: from SM to new physics
10:40 11:10
Steven Lowette Searches for exotic signatures at the LHC
11:10 11:40
Ioana Maris High Energy Comic rays (including neutrinos) : what we know
11:40 12:10

Robert Brout Prize 2016 and Prise 2017
12:10 12:30

chair tba

Nick Van Remortel Steriles neutrinos and SOLID
14:00 14:30
Eduardo Cortina-Gil NA62 and rare decay searches
14:30 15:00

coffee break
15:00 15:30
Laura Lopez-Honorez Dark Portals
15:39 16:00
Marco Drewes The Other Neutrinos
16:00 16:30
Concluding Remarks
16:30 16:45

Dirnk (incl. Beers) 16:45